Monday, March 23, 2015

Soldering On!

Last week I promised an update on my Menoth project:

My apologies for the obvious phone pic, but all the things you need to see are there.

The flowery cloaks are all done on all the models that should have them. I also did the metal bits and the washes on my Exemplar Cinnerator unit, The Palladins of the Order of the Wall and The High Reclaimer (who is not pictured in the image above). Hopefully I can spend the little time I have this week on getting them finalized. After that there'll only be Wracks and Wrecks left to go.

The Wracks are a bit special though. In an effort to make them look a bit more awesome along with the reasoning of "those bits were going to be a pain to put on anyway", I had the idea of equiping my wracks with actual moving chains and weights. Not an uncommon idea with Wracks (I've seen someone else do it before), but something perhaps a little more unique is the way I attached the dangly chains: by utilizing a soldering iron.

Soldering metal bits onto tin actually worked surprisingly well! It was a first for me, but with a little patience I soon had all 6 chains and weights attached. So far the obvious advantages are the very strong bonds, these chains are not going to come off during battle/transportation. The downside though is that soldering is still a very dangerous way to hobby. Despite a lot of precautions I did end up burning my finger. Also, once you start melting the tin: there's no way back. You have to do it right, right away. There are a couple of bonds that I have to say I'm not perfectly happy with, but there's absolutely no way of undoing them now. The metals are truly molded together.

Overall I'm happy with the result and happy that these models were such perfect pieces to experiment on. If I ever find the need to try my hand at soldering mini's again I might try and make a more detailed WIP on the process.

Death to the False Emperor!

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