Monday, March 23, 2015

Soldering On!

Last week I promised an update on my Menoth project:

My apologies for the obvious phone pic, but all the things you need to see are there.

The flowery cloaks are all done on all the models that should have them. I also did the metal bits and the washes on my Exemplar Cinnerator unit, The Palladins of the Order of the Wall and The High Reclaimer (who is not pictured in the image above). Hopefully I can spend the little time I have this week on getting them finalized. After that there'll only be Wracks and Wrecks left to go.

The Wracks are a bit special though. In an effort to make them look a bit more awesome along with the reasoning of "those bits were going to be a pain to put on anyway", I had the idea of equiping my wracks with actual moving chains and weights. Not an uncommon idea with Wracks (I've seen someone else do it before), but something perhaps a little more unique is the way I attached the dangly chains: by utilizing a soldering iron.

Soldering metal bits onto tin actually worked surprisingly well! It was a first for me, but with a little patience I soon had all 6 chains and weights attached. So far the obvious advantages are the very strong bonds, these chains are not going to come off during battle/transportation. The downside though is that soldering is still a very dangerous way to hobby. Despite a lot of precautions I did end up burning my finger. Also, once you start melting the tin: there's no way back. You have to do it right, right away. There are a couple of bonds that I have to say I'm not perfectly happy with, but there's absolutely no way of undoing them now. The metals are truly molded together.

Overall I'm happy with the result and happy that these models were such perfect pieces to experiment on. If I ever find the need to try my hand at soldering mini's again I might try and make a more detailed WIP on the process.

Death to the False Emperor!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

New (read: Old) Projects!

Hey Everyone!

We're not dead yet here at DaanofWar! In fact, remember that Drake McBain from last post? Well, I ordered him an army:

There's a full Press Ganger unit already basecoated, with some Kayazy Assassins, Wrong Eye & Snapjaw, an Underboss, a Bull Snapper and nana nana nana nana... Ragmaaan!

But before I finish those guys I've decided to get my Menoth force out of the way first. I've spent the first part of the evening soldering some custom chains on my Wracks and hopefully do some actual painting later tonight.

This is all the stuff I still need to do for Menoth. And also glue an arm back on my Talon, which is just for me personally I guess.

It's going to be a busy week, but I'm going to try and keep this blog updated on my progress! The McBain army is intended to be used in tournaments in the near future so the sooner it's done, the happier I'll be.

Death to the False Emperor!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Drake MacBain and Winged Chaos Sorcerer

I started painting again this week. Purely to avoid not finishing any of my vows this month.

I tried to get a daylight picture, but we're at the point this year where the sun has already set before I am able to get home from work.
Tried some new things with these guys. The bone wings and the flesh shoulderpad were fun to paint on the sorcerer and I tried to do something different with Drake's yellow armor wash. Either way, both of these models are now painted.

In other news, last week I mentioned I was going to help start up a new campaign at the local gamestore. Well, so far the campaign system which I helped design looks like it's working pretty well! It's based on an idea that came from Dirk (who's going to run the campaign), where every player has to build their army based on a force org chart that they drafted from a deck of cards. It's kind of a wierd idea but I hope we found a way to make it work. So this friday people will start playing their first battles and hopefully things won't be too unbalanced.

Also: Assassin's Creed Unity as well as Dragon Age: Inquisition are great games so far. There's a couple things to gripe about in both games (the gameplay bugs in AC:U being one of the most frustrating), but the experience so far has been great overall on both accounts. So, in between painting I'll probably also still be trying to get out of the Hinterlands...

Death to the False Emperor.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Warmachine Battrep!

Haven't been painting or playing much recently. Between halloween and an inconveniently placed company event, I haven't been able to go to my local game store as much. I did go again last friday, which means I have another battle to blog about, and some upcoming painting projects to present.

I played a 50pts Warmachine Battle friday against Niek and his "Ocean's" list. It's a list that uses pSorcha, a Behemoth and a whole bu 1nch of mercenaries. The original creator of the list called it Ocean's 18 as it used exactly 18 models at the time, but Niek's version has since made various alterations to the lineup. Aside from pSorcha and the Behemoth he used Cylena Reafyll & Nyss Hunters, eAlexia, pEiryss, Gorman, Dougal MacNaile, Rorsh and Brine and a unit of Greylord Outriders. It's a really tough list to beat for the ammount of high damage output models that are coming at you at the same time. It's a list he's taken to tournaments before and this time he'd be using it against my most recent pMagnus list.

Because I wanted to use my new Galleon and I have a fairly limited mercenary collection, I used the following: pMagnus, 2 Renegades, a Galleon, Gorman, Dougal MacNaile, Orin Midwinter, Stannis Brocker, a full unit of Croe's Cutthroats and a full unit of Steelhead Halberdiers.

After deployment our set-up looked something like this:

Start of Turn 1
We were playing a steamroller scenario with objectives (the blue markers), but neither of us paid much attention to it, so I won't bother anyone with the details here. The first turns started out ok, with Niek mostly just moving forward and me making some early game mistakes. After Niek's advance deployments of Eiryss I wasn't happy with the positioning of my solo's, so I decided to do some run moves in a couple of wierd directions. In hindsight I should've just stuck to my original plan for the solo's as in turn 2, none of them were where I wanted them to be either.

Start of Turn 2.
During turn 2, Niek made some aggressive moves with his Greylords to take out most of my Halberdiers and used Rorsh and Brine to take out Stannis. His Nyss Hunters and Eyriss took out a couple of my Cutthroats, but nothing else major was accomplished. Things looked to be getting tough for me in turn 3 though, unless I managed to pull of something genius. In an effort to take out the Greylords (I've become very afraid of stationary effects), I decided to use the Galleon in melee. In hindsight, this was also a mistake.

After this game I need to remember that the Galleon is much better used for shooting and taking damage in the early turns. Even if it's the only thing that can kill a certain enemy unit. I tried to use what remained of my Cutthroats and Halberdiers to damage Rorsh and the Nyss Hunters, but bad dice put a stop to that rather quickly. I fired off my obliterator missiles at the Behemoth (which was useful at least) and at Alexia, who I almost boxed. Long story short: turn 2 should have been a critical turn for me, but due to some bad strategy and bad luck I was not prepared for the turn 3 that was to come.

Start of turn 3.
Niek's turn 3 was suprisingly light on the damage part. He mopped up the last of the halberdiers and did a lot of damage to my Galleon, but I didn't lose a lot of actual models. Despite all of this his board position was very strong by the end of the turn and there were almost no positions in which I could keep Magnus safe if I didn't somehow kill a lot of very tough models. In my turn I decided to go for broke and try an attempt at killing Sorcha. The only way to do it (we found after much discussion and calculation) was to roll consistently above average with my Galleon's cannons. It only took me two dice rolls to crush these feeble hopes. After that, turn 4 saw the end of the Traitor.

What was good about this battle is that I learned a lot about how to use the Galleon as well as that I need more units that are either very good on their own, or have actually useful combo's going on between them. An Ocean's list is very much about the points-efficiency and individual power of each model. If I ever plan to counter that I'll need to either have a lists that works together or has equally efficient units/solo's.

What's next?

Next week I'm going to help a friend start up a new 40k campaign at our local gamestore and make an attempt at finishing my's painting vows for this month. Hopefully I can stay committed and not get distracted by all the fantastic games coming out this month. Assassin's Creed Unity, Dragon Age: Inquisition and Pokémon Alpha Saphire are all looking to be competing for my free time these weeks.

Speaking of Pokémon: I'm also attempting to finish White 2 in time for the new games since I've never gotten around to doing so. Anyway, so far I've found that warmachine casters make some of the best nicknames ever!

My team so far.
Death to the False Emperor.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Warmachine Weekends

Last week I didn't really paint much even though I really intended to. Things were interrupted mainly because I had an unplanned night shift on wednesday and spent most of my free time that week doing house cleaning (which is also important!).

Despite my poor performance that week, I made up for it on the weekend. I played Niek for a game against his Khador and another one against some Skorne that he proxied. I lost both games as I still struggle with the basic warmachine rules and I don't really have a good strategy figured out yet. I probably need to do some experimenting with different armylists next time.

After the battles, Niek told me he'd been thinking about getting rid of his Galleon. I've seen Niek's Galleon before and I remembered that he painted it in pretty much the same colour scheme that I used in my own army. Long story short: I have now acquired a new Galleon! And I don't even need to paint it!

DaanofWar presents: "The Galleon" a.k.a. "The Awesomest Collosal".

Also present in the above picture, are the two Croe's Cutthroats that I painted on sunday. Now I also have that unit finished. Finally.

This week I hope to get started on some characters that I've been meaning to paint for a long time. My chaos lord on jetbike, Drake McBain and my chaos sorcerer with wings. If I can get that done this week I'll truly have accomplished something for once. So that's it for this week's update. See you next week!

Death to the False Emperor!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Warmachine, Chaos Space Marines + The 24 Hour Painting Challenge

Now for a real blog post!
During the last couple of weeks I've been busy getting back into the hobby. What mostly got me started again was Rob, reminding me that I signed up for his warmachine tournament. Luckilly, I finally had some free time on my hands, so I ordered some last-minute mini's and paint-rushed them just in time for the weekend. I managed to take some pics of the first and last battles:

First battle was against a hard Menoth army led by the Harbinger. We were both rusty with the rules and struggling with our plays a couple of times, but luckily I managed to pull through with a last minute assassination.
Second battle was against Niek, who I play regularly and I lost to his Khador as always, but the third battle was against Sjoerd. I haven't played against Sjoerd in a long time and was surprised by his new Retribution army. Not knowing any of the rules for Retribution models saw me make a few bad decisions and my inability to damage his Hyperion did the rest. I held out for quite a while, but eventually lost on scenario.
Here's a sample of one of the models I painted for the tournament. Quite happy with the result, even though I had to rush them a bit.
The rest of the tournament was great and I actually won Best Painted on account of having the nicest painted army out of the two people who actually painted their entire army. I always seem to forget that Warmachine players don't usually take painted armies to local tournaments. Which is rather odd, seeing as they have less models to paint than your average warhammer/40k player. Maybe it's just something local.

Anyhow, after the warmachine tournament I decided to put some much needed attention into my Chaos Space Marines. I tried out a couple of list ideas and last week I played an actual game again with Koen, Dirk and Michiel. The game was great fun, and me and Michiel's orks won in the end. The win was more due to Michiel's orks than my own marines unfortunately. It seems the new edition really has my army stumped and I'll probably need to come up with some better lists sometime soon.

Decided to take a photo from something more than just mini's this time. I came to regret my decision almost immediately afterwards.
I was on a roll that weekend and proceeded to participate in's 24 Hour Painting Challenge. I only did 18 hours in the end, but that was more than enough to finish my remaining chaos marine infantry, an Aiana model for someone in my D&D group, a dark apostle and 2 raptors. Now I finally finished most of my basic infantry for the chaos marines. Next up are some random characters, 2 warmachine models and a bunch of cultists.

The combined result of my 24 Hour Challenge run.
So, I'll leave it at that for now and hopefully next post I'll have some newly painted stuff to show!

Death to the False Emperor!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Keeping myself engaged my hobbies is always a struggle with life as a full time employee/boyfriend/family member/cat servant. Especially as I seemed to have developed a pattern during my college years where everytime I got a little burnt out by one particular hobby, I'd go right ahead and start a completely new one! Bored playing guitar? Buy a new xbox game! Bored with xbox? Get back into Magic! Bored with Magic? Here's a cool new anime! Etc, Etc. It's almost embarrassing how many hobbies I've juggled during the past few years and how little I actually accomplished with any of them. When I look back, there are only two hobbies where I achieved something I'm truly proud of: Playing Guitar and Wargaming.

Gaming, Magic, Anime, Books, etc, are things that have just always been 'there' in my life. Not something I ever tried to use for more than just escapism or relaxation. Music and Wargaming are the only ones for which this is not true.

Music has seen me be in bands, write some of my own stuff and actually play gigs (albeit mostly shitty ones). I never made a 'lot' of friends with music, but the ones that I shared a connection with through music, automatically became some of my best. Also, my skill level with the guitar is directly linked to my self-confidence.

With Wargaming I organised tournaments, won some prizes that really mattered to me, became part of a great group of friends, was Admin of, served as chairman of the Cowslayers (Eindhoven's Wargaming club). I even went overseas a couple of times to meet up with wargaming friends I only ever met online!

It's even wierd to call these 'hobbies' as I'm writing this. They've played such a huge role in my life that, more than anything, they've become part of who I am. Which explains greatly why I haven't really been myself these last few years.

I want to take it back. I want it all back. I want to be in a band again. It doesn't have to be a great band, it just has to be fun. I also want to be a involved in wargaming again. I want to be part of an online community. I want to be one of THE go-to guys at my local club.

Because honestly, if all of that was the price I paid for the life I'm living now, I got ripped off.

That's why this blog needs to fucking work. That's why I need to write a post in this damn thing AT LEAST once a week. And THAT's why I'm starting RIGHT NOW!

Death to the False Emperor.