Saturday, September 15, 2012

Glimpse into the Golden Age: Battle 4

Back again with another recap of yesterday's battle.

This week's fighting was done against Dirk (Papa Papaja on the forum) and his nurgle chaos marines / daemon allies. Despite using lots of proxies and unpainted models (what kind of horrible, horrible person would do such a thing is beyond me), Dirk's army could have actually been pretty fun to play against. It had lots of big nasties, healthy heavy support and enough solid troops. If only it hadn't looked like a big, confusing pile of crap... *sigh*.

For clarification purposes: the upside-down spider is a wrecked soulgrinder, the unfinished hellbrute is a great unclean one, the dreadnought is a greater (summoned) daemon, the blue/orange rhino is a plague marine rhino and the green terminators are actually obliterators....

Hopefully having sufficiently illustrated my distaste for unpainted/proxied models, I'll explain a bit about the battle itself. The mission was "The Relic" and the mission said we could only use forests as terrain. The only time this really mattered was when Dirk's daemon prince landed in a piece of terrain that made him hit himself for 1 wound (that was pretty funny). The battle went back and forth a lot of the time and although Dirk had some bad luck with his daemon prince and greater daemon. Only the great unclean one seemed to be performing as it should and totally murdered one of my marine units, an obliterator and half of my termies. My terminators were pretty useful in taking out the greater daemon and a plague marine unit.

When the game ended at turn six I was extremely relieved, having only a single troop model left (that was holding the relic) while my termies were desperately holding off the great unclean one and a full plague marine unit.
Sometimes, dumping a unit of 10 terminators on a table is worth it for the psychological bonus alone.
If you're wondering whether I actually got any painting done after all those promises I made last week...




Death to the False Emperor!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Glimpse into the Golden Age: Battle 3

So, round 3 of the campaign totally went down last night. 

I played against Koen this round, who was also sporting his chaos marines. The third mission was Big Guns Never Tire which means heavy support can claim objectives and are worth an extra victory point if you kill them. Koen used two defilers and a squad of 2 obliterators while I used 2 squads with 1 obliterator each. For our other units, Koen used a lash sorcerer, a regular squad with plasma and some khorne bezerkers. I used two regular squads with melta's in rhino's, a termicide unit, 5 lesser daemons and a daemon prince. 

The battle as a whole was really wierd and had many wtf dice roll moments. A single chaos space marine squad killing off the daemon prince with a single rapid fire bolter volley was one of them and the khorne bezerkers killing off two out of three terminators with boltpistols was another. Luckilly, there were some good rolls for my side as well (the chaos marine unit running away after 2 plasma cannon shots and being able to blow up both defilers in 1 turn), so the battle ended in a draw with both armies almost completely wiped out.

Battlefield overview at turn 2. Interesting to note is the empty area in the center of the table where my daemon prince used to be.
I was pretty happy with the result anyway. My plan was to keep my obliterators on the objective and have my other guys disrupt and distract Koen's army. So it was nice to have a plan actually work for a change. The downside was that pretty much everything had to die for that to happen. I'll have to work on that. 

Units that can shoot, ie.: obliterators, are apparently the shit in this edition.
Now, with the campaign update out of the way I'm going to try and get an actual painting session in tonight. Among the list of things to do are: glue back some bits that fell off the sorcerer and terminator lord, glue new bases underneath the raptors, assemble abaddon, paint the storm laser for the decimator and get serious about painting the raptors. If I can get all of this done, I'll be a happy gamer. But first:

Death to the False Emperor!