Thursday, January 12, 2017


Time for another update!

Luckily this time a lack of posts is not an indication of a lack of hobby activity! Sadly not much progress on Raven Guard painting. I took a bit of a break from that after Armies on Parade and even though the new year has me pumped on starting on the second half of the army, I don't have much new models to show right now.

There was a november heresy battle that I forgot to take pictures of and I finished the Kill Team that I was working on in the last post:

Tried to paint them up as space sharks, but don't have the icons. I'm pretty happy with the result either way.
The holiday months were very busy did accomplish a bit of stuff by assembling all of my Raven Guard infantry, playing a lot of mordheim and painting up some giant rats and a warlock engineer that I don't have a pictures of. Pictures of black primed models aren't all that exciting either, so I'm going to save showing you the assembled army after I paint it.

2017 is going to be a Raven Guard year though, so I started it off properly by playing my december/january heresy battle against Peter Zuidgeest and his Iron Warriors. I spent all my time the week before assembling my Storm Eagle and forgot to study up on my battle plan. Another loss, but how can you be sad when you've got an awesome model like this one standing on your desk:
This is a shot from halfway in the battle when the storm eagle and the drop pods arrived.
 Then, the day after the battle I attended a cool Kill Team tournament at the local Warhammer store (Warhammer Eindhoven). We went there specifically to play against some new opponents and it worked out pretty well. Getting to battle a couple of new guys with exceptionally painted teams.

I used the opportunity to re-base a squad of chaos marines. Really happy with my choice to go with a stirland mud base.

Here's my tooled-up champion facing off a biker nob that he killed.

Here he is again killing a thousand son sorcerer (although he got shot down shortly after).
I won 3 battles and lost 1 so I ended up with silver. Michiel won gold with his orks to nobody's surprise and the Thousand Sons guy won bronze.

So there you have it! Next post will definately contain some new Raven Guard since I'm working on a new tactical squad right now. There'll also be some pics from the Kill Team campaign we're going to be doing during the coming months

Victory or Death!