Saturday, May 26, 2012


No big update today. Just a teensy one because I just can't resist showing off my new toys. Feast your eyes on a brand spankin' new Chaos Decimator Daemon Engine (it has too many names). 

Big mini. Tiny base.
The image was taken before priming. Assembling the model was an enormous bitch as I had to pin nearly every joint and socket in this thing and still had trouble fitting it in a pose that didn't make it look like it was either standing motionless or tipping over. In the end I feel happy with the result. Only thing that needs to be done is fitting the magnets that I'm going to use for the weapon mounts (I also have a siege claw, butcher cannon and stormlaser for it) as well as the painting. Hopefully more updates on this project as it develops. 

Also this:

Coolest. Cover. Ever.
If you have ever even remotely considered the Night Lords to be a cool legion I sincerely urge you to get your hands on the amazing trilogy books by Aaron Dembski-Bowden. Void Stalker is the last installment and I can't freaking wait to read it.

Death to the False Emperor.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Battle of the Clubs 2012

About a week ago I went to another edition of Battle of the Clubs. I always go to these events mainly to help support and represent my club and not so much because I actually feel the need to compete on a national level. I can count myself lucky though, since it seems almost everyone I meet who does come to compete has something to complain about. It's either the new scoring system, the increasing number of guard players, the terrain, the overpoweredness of grey knights and space wolves or the sportsmanship scoring system.

So, as said, I count myself lucky and am just thankful for the three cool battles I experienced as a non-competetive BotC attendee.

Nids. Why doth thou vex me so?
First up was a tyranid list. It was a last minute change-up from what originally was meant to be space marines. I always have trouble with tyranids because nobody at our club really plays them and since they're an army that pretty much has it's own special rule for everything, I am constantly surprised by what my opponent is capable of. Which is kind of a bad thing if I remember my Sun Tzu quotes correctly. Nevertheless, early in the game I made the completely wrong call to charge defilers into his big monsters which pretty much ended my chances of killing them. The battle was a massacre.

An uncharacteristically heroic unit at the bottom grabs the objective in the nick of time.

The second battle was a minor loss against a counts-as space wolf terminator list The battle ended on turn 5 at a point where I had just been able to move my last scoring unit onto my home objective. I had lost almost everything else in the battle, but thankfully 40k rules state that you've only actually lost the game if your opponent has more objectives than you. The tournament rule that a draw becomes a minor loss if the victory point difference is big enough swung through in my opponent's favor though. Great game nontheless and exciting till the very end. 

So much blue on so much orange! This was my least favorite table color so far.
Last game was a draw against ultramarines. This was the first time I was actually winning the match. I had claimed 2 out of 3 objectives while my opponent had only 1. Or that's what I thought. My opponent had strategically neglected to inform me that a scoring unit that was near my second objective wasn't actually within the required 3 inches. This made me feel incredibly stupid, but then again:  for me it's the moral victory that counts. Knowing that you can win a match as long as you remember to keep track of tiny details such as this is good enough for me.

In the end I guess the biggest reason why going to Battle of the Clubs was a good idea is the fact that I have now finally managed to finish all my terminators.

Look at them! They're so pretty.
So that's all for now. In a few weeks I'll be attending another tournament and hopefully playing some campaign battles in the meantime. Catch you later and...

Death to the False Emperor!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Second Vault / Eye of the Beholder

Blood Angels. 
Another Librarian. 
Vault 681 must be reached.
Weren't we taxed enough already?
We must accept our fate as the Changer declares it.
I'd rather have the angels accept their fate, daemon.
Achieve this and the day will be ours.
Let's make it quick then.

An acid rainstorm?
An amusing twist in the Changer's scheme.
That's very nice. You know it's causing warp interference, right?
A challenge presented to us by Fate itself.
You know it will be harder for us to manifest, right?
The Scheming One tests our endurance.
 You know you're not actually helping, right?

Ok, their transports are blown and their numbers significantly reduced.
You've done your best.
Thanks, but I doubt we'll be able to stall them long enough for the troops to reach the vault.
The Changer knows the value of sacrifice best of all.
Good. 'Cause where this is going, he's going to see a lot more of it. 
He knows.
The unit behind us won't make it and we don't have much time left ourself.
He will welcome us with open arms.
Let's hope we're worth it then.
The Lord of Fate has no use for hope.

"Well... fuck." Karth Doomfist voxed out loud as the enemy librarian flung The Shadowcursed back into the warp. It took him a moment to realise his squad had stopped firing, in awe of the supernatural fenomenon as they were. "Keep firing, you jackasses!" He yelled again through the vox. Before the squad could properly target their foes, the roar of Blood Angel jump packs was already upon them. "Raaaargh! Damn you fools! I hate you all!" Karth roared as he completely lost his marbles after realising how stupid his squad had been. They were so entranced by the battle between the Daemon and the librarian that, before they realised things weren't going their way, they had lost their only chance to escape.

Like a cornered beast, a primal instinct seemed to sieze Doomfist as he recklessly flung himself at the aproaching librarian and immediately got his head chopped off. The expression on Karth's face, as it soared through the stormy air, was one of rabid astonishment. The last thing his eyes had seen was his own powerfist, punching through a librarian's skull.

So ends another episode of Daan's Dissapointing Battle Results. A loss against Michael's Blood Angels was suffered in an Annihilation mission last night. Still a pretty fun battle though. At least the acid rain mechanic was kinda fun (S2 AP3 hit to every model not in cover).

As an excuse for the lack of updates, I spent the last few weeks going through some pretty life changing events. I finally graduated from college (I'm a Bachelor of Science now) and I got my first car. Next on the list is finding a job. Something I've been told won't be the cake walk it should have been due to the current business climate blah blah blah. Further updates on the situation as it develops. In the meantime I kinda like not having to work all day for once and have finally found some time to catch up on all the anime, games and series I've been neglecting with my graduation.

"Quick! To the Daanmobile!"
As for 40k... Next week is Battle of the Clubs. I still need to paint a lot of terminators. I might post progress pics later this week, I might not. I will definately try and give a post-Battle of the Clubs report next week. Stay tuned.

Death to the False Emperor!