Saturday, May 26, 2012


No big update today. Just a teensy one because I just can't resist showing off my new toys. Feast your eyes on a brand spankin' new Chaos Decimator Daemon Engine (it has too many names). 

Big mini. Tiny base.
The image was taken before priming. Assembling the model was an enormous bitch as I had to pin nearly every joint and socket in this thing and still had trouble fitting it in a pose that didn't make it look like it was either standing motionless or tipping over. In the end I feel happy with the result. Only thing that needs to be done is fitting the magnets that I'm going to use for the weapon mounts (I also have a siege claw, butcher cannon and stormlaser for it) as well as the painting. Hopefully more updates on this project as it develops. 

Also this:

Coolest. Cover. Ever.
If you have ever even remotely considered the Night Lords to be a cool legion I sincerely urge you to get your hands on the amazing trilogy books by Aaron Dembski-Bowden. Void Stalker is the last installment and I can't freaking wait to read it.

Death to the False Emperor.

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