Wednesday, April 8, 2015

28 Years of DaanofWar!

The Porcelain Protectorate.

This is just a short post. Don't have much to show for aside from the above Expemplar Cinnerators which I finished up last night. I'm intentionally postponing basing my menoth. I'm afraid I'm going to choose something crappy and ruin it and draw all the attention away from the color scheme.

I now only have 4 models left to paint. 3 Wracks and the Testament. Hopefully I'll be able to finish the army somewhere around next week. So look out for more flowery images then.

Maybe you already got it from the title but.. it's my birthday today! I got a set of awesome "planet" glasses (one glass for each of the planets in the solar system) from Joyce and I bought myself a 'new' 3ds xl. So I might just spend the coming days playing monster hunter and sipping some sweet coke from Uranus instead.

 "Uranus". Get it?
Death to the False Emperor!

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