Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Drake MacBain and Winged Chaos Sorcerer

I started painting again this week. Purely to avoid not finishing any of my vows this month.

I tried to get a daylight picture, but we're at the point this year where the sun has already set before I am able to get home from work.
Tried some new things with these guys. The bone wings and the flesh shoulderpad were fun to paint on the sorcerer and I tried to do something different with Drake's yellow armor wash. Either way, both of these models are now painted.

In other news, last week I mentioned I was going to help start up a new campaign at the local gamestore. Well, so far the campaign system which I helped design looks like it's working pretty well! It's based on an idea that came from Dirk (who's going to run the campaign), where every player has to build their army based on a force org chart that they drafted from a deck of cards. It's kind of a wierd idea but I hope we found a way to make it work. So this friday people will start playing their first battles and hopefully things won't be too unbalanced.

Also: Assassin's Creed Unity as well as Dragon Age: Inquisition are great games so far. There's a couple things to gripe about in both games (the gameplay bugs in AC:U being one of the most frustrating), but the experience so far has been great overall on both accounts. So, in between painting I'll probably also still be trying to get out of the Hinterlands...

Death to the False Emperor.

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