Monday, October 13, 2014

Warmachine Weekends

Last week I didn't really paint much even though I really intended to. Things were interrupted mainly because I had an unplanned night shift on wednesday and spent most of my free time that week doing house cleaning (which is also important!).

Despite my poor performance that week, I made up for it on the weekend. I played Niek for a game against his Khador and another one against some Skorne that he proxied. I lost both games as I still struggle with the basic warmachine rules and I don't really have a good strategy figured out yet. I probably need to do some experimenting with different armylists next time.

After the battles, Niek told me he'd been thinking about getting rid of his Galleon. I've seen Niek's Galleon before and I remembered that he painted it in pretty much the same colour scheme that I used in my own army. Long story short: I have now acquired a new Galleon! And I don't even need to paint it!

DaanofWar presents: "The Galleon" a.k.a. "The Awesomest Collosal".

Also present in the above picture, are the two Croe's Cutthroats that I painted on sunday. Now I also have that unit finished. Finally.

This week I hope to get started on some characters that I've been meaning to paint for a long time. My chaos lord on jetbike, Drake McBain and my chaos sorcerer with wings. If I can get that done this week I'll truly have accomplished something for once. So that's it for this week's update. See you next week!

Death to the False Emperor!

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