Sunday, October 5, 2014

Warmachine, Chaos Space Marines + The 24 Hour Painting Challenge

Now for a real blog post!
During the last couple of weeks I've been busy getting back into the hobby. What mostly got me started again was Rob, reminding me that I signed up for his warmachine tournament. Luckilly, I finally had some free time on my hands, so I ordered some last-minute mini's and paint-rushed them just in time for the weekend. I managed to take some pics of the first and last battles:

First battle was against a hard Menoth army led by the Harbinger. We were both rusty with the rules and struggling with our plays a couple of times, but luckily I managed to pull through with a last minute assassination.
Second battle was against Niek, who I play regularly and I lost to his Khador as always, but the third battle was against Sjoerd. I haven't played against Sjoerd in a long time and was surprised by his new Retribution army. Not knowing any of the rules for Retribution models saw me make a few bad decisions and my inability to damage his Hyperion did the rest. I held out for quite a while, but eventually lost on scenario.
Here's a sample of one of the models I painted for the tournament. Quite happy with the result, even though I had to rush them a bit.
The rest of the tournament was great and I actually won Best Painted on account of having the nicest painted army out of the two people who actually painted their entire army. I always seem to forget that Warmachine players don't usually take painted armies to local tournaments. Which is rather odd, seeing as they have less models to paint than your average warhammer/40k player. Maybe it's just something local.

Anyhow, after the warmachine tournament I decided to put some much needed attention into my Chaos Space Marines. I tried out a couple of list ideas and last week I played an actual game again with Koen, Dirk and Michiel. The game was great fun, and me and Michiel's orks won in the end. The win was more due to Michiel's orks than my own marines unfortunately. It seems the new edition really has my army stumped and I'll probably need to come up with some better lists sometime soon.

Decided to take a photo from something more than just mini's this time. I came to regret my decision almost immediately afterwards.
I was on a roll that weekend and proceeded to participate in's 24 Hour Painting Challenge. I only did 18 hours in the end, but that was more than enough to finish my remaining chaos marine infantry, an Aiana model for someone in my D&D group, a dark apostle and 2 raptors. Now I finally finished most of my basic infantry for the chaos marines. Next up are some random characters, 2 warmachine models and a bunch of cultists.

The combined result of my 24 Hour Challenge run.
So, I'll leave it at that for now and hopefully next post I'll have some newly painted stuff to show!

Death to the False Emperor!

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