Sunday, November 4, 2012

Glimpse into the Golden Age: Battle 7

Apologies for the long wait (it's almost been a whole month..), but we're finally back with the 7th battle of the ongoing campaign: Glimpse into the Golden Age. My opponent, Rob (Grimzilla on the forum), had apparently taken some crap before the battle about the list he was using. His previous list was something along the lines of 2 necron fliers and 3 annihilation barges, but today he was going to try a new list. His new list consisted mainly of a unit of 7 necron lords. The rest of the list was filled up with 2 mandatory warrior units and a C'Tan. The unit of 7 lords was something he was curious to try. A unit like that is so hard that it has the ability to kill virtualy every unit it comes into contact with. The question of course, is whether it will be able to kill enough of those units to earn their points back.

I myself am using the new chaos dex for the first time. I made the list in a hurry and all I could say about it at that poin that I was kind of dissapointed that the daemon prince and defilers got more expensive. I also didn't like that my cheap and effective daemon weapon option for the lord was gone.

After turn 1: My daemon prince is trying to distract the lord unit while my rhino unit and defiler go for the (comparetively) squishy C'Tan and warriors.
The mission had us deployed in wierd, vertical lines throughout the battlefield and it also prevented Rob's lord unit from deep striking anywhere else than the deployment zones. This was a great advantage to me since he was kind of relying on his teleportation ability (which worked like deep strike) to get to the important combats.

Turn 3: Rhino unit with lord kills the warrior units and makes contact with the C'Tan. Epic combat between chaos lord with  murder sword and C'Tan begins.
The lord unit managed to take out an obliterator and a daemon prince while my rhino unit and defiler took out the 2 warrior units and the C'Tan. The C'Tan combat was unusually epic though. The C'Tan was locked in a challenge with my lord and between his initiative test forcing bolt, my activated murder sword and his wound regenerating ability, the combat lasted at least a full 4 rounds. In the end my lord died to an initiative test right before he was about to knock of the C'Tan's last wound. The defiler came in afterwards and cleaned up the mess though.

C'Tan kills chaos lord. Defiler is not amused.
Once the C'Tan was dead, all I could do was grab as many objectives as possible and keep his lord unit from doing anything. I had to use some tricky tactics but with his assault rolls sucking balls I managed to accomplish all of this and bring it home for the win.

This fine tactic is called my 'lets grab this objective but keep just out of range of those necron lords'-maneuvre.
So, since it took so much time to post this report you might have guessed it already: there haven't been much other battles for the campaign since. I never heard the full story, but some people wanted to quit the campaign while other people then also didn't want to keep it going anymore and basically: drama.

Oh well, at least nobody can say that we didn't see it coming.

Hopefully this won't be the last campaign batrep, but if you've been following along, just letting you know it might be. I've had a lot of fun and the goal we had in mind in the first place (getting experience with 6th ed) has been accomplished pretty nicely. I'm going to try and keep the blog posts coming though. I'm slowly but steadily finishing my raptors as well as reading the new chaos codex, so I might blog some stuff about that in the near future and until then...

Death to the False Emperor!

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