Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Glimpse into the Golden Age: Battle 6

Battle 6 for the campaign was against Piers (Str10_hurts on the forum). Piers is the one organizing the campaign and I had a feeling his necrons were going to be a tough opponent to deal with. He had a destroyer lord, a bodyguard of some sort, two big units of immortals, 3 tomb spiders, loads of scarabs, a couple of wraiths and a small unit of warriors carrying his relic. The mission objective was for each player to carry his own relic to a 'doorway' in the middle/back of the board. Otherwise the mission was just kill points (or whatever they call it nowadays). I went for a big unit of 20 marines accompanied by a lord, a small unit of 10 in a rhino, some lesser daemons, some termies, a defiler and an obliterator. 

This was how it looked after the first turn. Big marine unit would be going to try and punch through to the objective (the big tower in the back) to deliver the package.

It soon turned out though, that punching through the scarab wave wouldn't be going as easy as I would have hoped and my big marine unit got stuck in bad. Also, my 10 man unit was thrown out of their rhino almost immediately by the wraiths and also got stuck in. In turn two I decided to throw in my daemons and termies with the 10 man squad, hopefully killing the wraiths as soon as possible.
Turn 2: Big unit stuck in scarabs, about to get assaulted by necron lord/spiders and 10 man squad + daemons duking it out with the wraiths.
Unfortunately, none of those quick breakthroughs happened and at a couple of points I was wondering if they were ever going to happen at all. Luckilly, the termies charging in with the 10 man squad and the defiler helping out with the big unit was enough to break all of Piers' units eventually.

Epic challenge between chaos lord and necron lord. Necron lord reanimated himself twice and had to be beaten down repeatedly by awesome daemon weapon rolls.
The battle ended with me having a major lead in killpoints and piers having been able to deliver his package. I made a last ditch effort to reach the objective zone, but was stopped by a distinct lack of a turn 7.

My poor marines, stopped dead in their tracks by sheer lack of turnage.
In the end the battle was a draw and all in all a nice way to sound out the old codex. Piers has a great necron army that's proven tough to beat by everyone else so far, so fighting him to a standstill counts as a solid result in my book.

As for the new book...

I'll try and give a proper review next week since I just didn't have any time to do anything with it except look at the pretty pictures.

At least the back of the book has a cool line on it.

Death to the False Emperor!

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