Wednesday, August 22, 2012

End of Summer Update Part 2: The Updating

Hey everyone!

You'll be glad to know that Part 2 of the End of Summer Update is now upon you. In the last post I pretty much talked about some personal stuff, the decimator and the megabattle. Now I'd like to show some stuff I've been up to for the past few weeks. First off: Games Day Germany.

Games Day Germany!

The golden daemon cabinets and viewing crowds at Games Day (Image posted at 
Yes, yes. I went to a Games Day convention. For the first time as well, I might add. To cut right to the point: I kinda have mixed feelings about the whole experience. Looking back I feel like I had a pretty good time. I went there with a great bunch of friends and things like the Golden Daemon (painting) competition, the seminars and several of the army/store displays were absolutely fantastic. Köln is also a pretty cool city and though we didn't get to sight see much, the whole thing had a kind of 'holiday' feel to it. Getting a limited edition mini was also very nice. 

Some Golden Daemon entries were just sickeningly cool.

The world's most expensive gaming table (left) and the world's most original 'huge combined army effort' (right).

"The guys" doing what they do best: Fail at speed painting competitions (left) and more sick-ass GD entries (right).

Despite these awesome things, most of the day actually consisted of waiting for my friends to get through the forgeworld line and walking around stores that sold stuff we could buy cheaper at home. Pretty much 50% of the convention area was some sort of store and besides enabling you to look at cool stuff, a lot of the rest of the convention wasn't all that interactive. In fact, the terrain workshop and the scrap daemon (two of the most interactive things of the day) were pretty much picked clean of their bits after the first two or three hours. Also: the whole convention kinda had a Games-Workshop propaganda feel about it that I never really understood about the company. What I guess I'm saying is that the unfortunate fact that GW has a pretty close-knit inner culture, where their own products are never really criticized and ignorance of the rest of the miniatures hobby is encouraged, really leaps out to me at an all-GW convention such as this.

So, despite having had a fun day out with my gaming buddies, I doubt we'll feel the need to spend our money on more Games Day tickets any time soon. As for other recent developments:

Glimpse of the Golden Age Campaign!

Our store doesn't usually do very well in finishing campaigns (as might have been deduced by my previous attempts at campaign reports), but this one actually looks like a keeper for once!

The campaign was set up by Str10_Hurts (aka Piers) from our local club and he's reporting the campaign extrensively on warseer.

Last friday I played my first mission against Scar/Peter (the guy who painted the fortress of redemption from the last post) and his lovely Grey Knights.

Everything looked to be going well at the start of turn 2...
The battle was great fun and it was a challenge to fight Scar's twin dreadknights. I blame my loss on my lack of experience with the new edition and the unfortunate demise of my warlord/daemon prince. He basically got gunned down by random bolterfire in a single turn, which was a bit of a wierd moment for me, being forced to change my entire plan and go on the defensive.

I'll be playing another battle this friday against Jordy with his Imperial guard so I'll be sure to update the blog after that as well. In the meantime:

Death to the False Emperor!

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