Sunday, May 29, 2016

Age of Sigmar and Another Squad

Once again a long period in between blogs, but no matter. It's been a busy month mostly because I've spent a lot of time playing guitar. Now that my music school's yearly rock-night is over, I can afford to free up some warhammer time again. First off some updates from april that I forgot to mention: the arrival of my birthday goodies and a painted land speeder!

Contents of this pile are: Master of Signal/Legion Champion, Darkwing Pattern Storm Eagle, Deathstorm Drop Pod, Dark Furies, Mor Deythan and Corvus Corax.
This was a quick foto at the time. I stayed at home on King's Day purely to paint this one up.
This month I spent a friday night playing my first proper Age of Sigmar battle. Finally found someone from the local club who was also eager to try out the game and we decided to just take some random stuff and use a scenario from the Quest for Ghal Maraz book. I forget what the mission was called, but it involved me being the invader and having to rescue a hero model from my opponents army.

This was the set up, I think, because I can't even look at this picture due to the woefully unpainted state of my skaven warband.
The game was good fun and though we still had to look up a whole lot the gameplay still felt fast. I liked the doomflayer and doomwheel warscrolls. They're still random and fit the all or nothing Skaven style of gameplay that I enjoy. The clanrats and rat swarms made great tar pits although the clanrats would've been better in a larger unit. AoS has, so far, been winning me over more and more. The only thing I still don't really like is the way they dispense the story. The big books are too expensive for me to buy them all and I don't like that they're basically the only way to keep up with what's happening in the storyline. I mean, nice and everything that we have an advancing narrative now, but why keep it locked behind a 60 euro per 3 month paywall? Anyhow, the game itself is great and building armies in the mortal realms is fun as hell.

Here you can see my unpainted clanrats falling apart after a saurus charge and my rat swarms holding up a bunch of kroxigors and skinks.
Aside from my AoS adventures I haven't played much else and spent the rest of the month painting up a new unit of Raven Guard marines instead. It's the same unit as the other one with the exception of a power spear instead of a power sword for the squad sergeant.

The spear is actually a chaos sorcerer staff that has been heavilly modified.
Starting to look like a proper army, right?
That's about it. The new squad took a long time to paint and I'm going to have to paint up even more marines if I want to be ready for the next round in the campaign. The next guys will be in a drop pod though.

Victory or Death!

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