Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I'm Actually Gaming!

Wow. I totally forgot to publish the last post..

That's embarrassing and basically means this one is going to be a long one. I also don't feel like retyping the whole thing, so you'll have to imagine a bit of a timeskip in between. Anyhow!

I played a game of Ninth Age recently. I got out my old Empire army for it, which had been gathering dust ever since the release of 8th edition made it obsolete. What is pretty cool is that it seems that the army has now become really poweful in the Ninth Age system. Check it out in the pics below:

Turn two. The first important combats are starting to erupt.
The game was against Dirk and his yellow Orc army (lovingly named the "Pizzkidzz"). The game was pretty fun as we quickly found out that the game is very, very much like old Warhammer Fantasy. The downside however, was that we spent so much time flipping through the pdf's that we weren't able to properly finish the game. Also, my detachments formations are still not legal (I have them in 3 by 3 blocks). All in all I can't give the game a good verdict yet other than that it's an admittedly more balanced version of Warhammer Fantasy that you can get for free and will probably remain relevant for a couple of years. Good for anyone with an old fantasy army, not so good for introducing new people to the hobby. Then again, the game itself is in a self-declared Beta stage right now so comparing it to fully supported games such as AoS and KoW may still be premature.

Close-up of the big savage orc unit. Tough to kill units all around.
In more recent news I've played the second game of the 30k campaign that's still going on at the GameForce. Incidentally this game was also against Dirk.

The mission however, was not quite a success as we had to place objectives which one of us had to destroy and the other had to protect. I was assigned the protecting role, but was also informed that objectives had to be deployed before we were allowed to choose sides. This made setting up the objectives very difficult and I ended up placing them somewhere in the middle. When I then lost both rolls to pick a side as well as the roll for first turn I could only watch helplessly as 2 objectives got immediately taken out in turn 1. Dirk's army spent the rest of the game running away. What also didn't help is that I had chosen to field a contemptor while the boards we used had passages that were consistently too small for a dreadnought to pass through. Nevertheless, it was a short game and I still had fun throwing dice against Dirk's nicely painted Death Guard.

Seriously though. I'm glad we're not doing zone mortalis anymore next game.
 Now! For the painting part of the blog post.

Two weeks ago I had this standing on my painting table:

It's going to be a busy month.
Here's what I managed to complete:

Can you read the text I wrote on his chest flag things? Pretty pleased with myself that I kinda pulled that one off.
Chaplain dude. Is this the time to start naming things? Maybe flesh out the fluff a bit?
And the first of the Skaven!! Unspectacularly they are rat swarms. Still took me long enough to paint up though. Warlock engineer is next on the list.

So that's all for this post. I tried not to keep it too long this time. There's a big forge world order coming in this week and I also finished the Legends of the Age of Sigmar: Pestilens novel which I kinda wanna do a book review for. I already talked about the latter on the latest episode of Skavenblight Radio, but a more thorough review on here would probably be a good idea also. So! Fingers crossed for next week guys!

Victory or Death!

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