Wednesday, March 2, 2016

It Lives!

First out the gate I have to mention a new thing I've been involved in:

Amazing isn't it?

I've been talking to SkavenDan through for a while and I basically agreed to become a co-host to the show. The first episode I feature in (Episode 12 - It Lives!) went live last friday and so far I haven't heard too much complaints. Personally, I still have some things I'd like to work on, but I'll probably get there with practice. Big thanks though, to SkavenDan for allowing me to join in on this and I look forward to the next recording.

Also, as you might have heard on the podcast, I'm going to start looking into Age of Sigmar soon. I don't think I mentioned on this blog, but I moved house last summer. There's still a huge chunk of unassembled and unpainted Skaven lying around and AoS might be the perfect excuse to get started sorting that out.

Just a small sampling of the unassembled hordes inhabiting our new attic.
Now that the whole idea of an advancing storyline and 'pointless' gameplay have had some time to sink in I've re-examined my initial reaction. After reading some of the books I think I might actually enjoy AoS a lot. To me it seems like AoS is increasingly intended for people who enjoy gaming from a background perspective. I ramble about this in the podcast a lot as well, so I'll leave it from the blog and just say that you should expect to see more Skaven models on round bases here soon.

Now for the real progress! The first 5 Dust Vultures have been painted and are looking mighty fine if I may say so myself.

Shit pictures, but you get the idea.
I've got the first battle for our local Horus Heresy campaign coming up next week, so next post will probably contain a small battle report with more painted miniatures. It's a small 250pts zone mortalis style battle against Night Lords so should be fun to see.

Victory or Death!

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