Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Planetfall / Eye of the Beholder

"This is ridiculous!" Squad leader Velkath voxed angrily to the rest of his squad. "We're not even on the ground and this battle has already cost us more than we can afford!" 

His remark went unreplied for a moment as heavy tremors, caused by a railgun shell detonation, shook the Thunderhawk that was carrying the ten Chaos Marines and their Rhino troop transport.

"Shut your face Velkath." Sorcerer Lord Hathos growled in return. "You and everyone else in this vehicle knows damn well we can not doubt the strategies that the Lord of Fate has given to us."

Another tremor interrupted as the Rhino was detached from the Thunderhawk in mid air.

"By the bloody throne, I will not sit here, my transport getting torpedoed to the ground, to suffer your mindless backtalk on top of it! I expect total obedience when we grab that landing zone. From all of you."

A solemn and awkward silence descended among the squad for several moments before the rhino impacted the foreign soil of Gornha Spire III with a force that tested even a space marine's endurance.

"Filthy xenos." Hathos spat as the squad leader peered through a windowslit. "Make straight for the landing zone." He voxed to the driver. "We will meet The Shadowcursed there and finally rid ourselves of these wretched aliens."

So.. a new 40k campaign (named "Eye of the Beholder") has started up at our local club/store a few weeks ago. The campaign system is pretty fun and besides an interesting system for battle selection and unit upgrades, it features a new, story driven mission each week. First mission I played against Bobby's Tau and we ended up with a draw. The mission was to secure a center objective while all our units were forced to deploy through deep strike with night fighting rules in effect during the first two turns.

I'm going to try and write a short piece like the one I did above for each battle I play. Try and weave a bit of character into my chaos warband. That's all for now though. Stay tuned for the second battle as the week goes on and hopefully a third game next week.

Death to the False Emperor!


  1. I clicked through to this post fully expecting classic 80's and 90's computer games!! ;-)

    Sounds like fun. I don't really get to club game anymore, and a campaign sounds really great.