Monday, September 26, 2011

Short But Sweet

As opposed to previous posts, I'm going to keep this one shorter on the introduction and heavier on the pics. Just the stuff I've been up to so far. Don't have any real warhammer related opinions or brainfarts to share right now anyway. So sit back and check out these babies:
My two sorcerers so far. Still have to do highlights on the metal and the details. Also I need to think of a way to make it obvious that they're slaanesh sorcerers. Pink seems to be the main mode of thought so far. 
In addition to starting work on the sorcerers I've started work on the defilers as well. I wanted to fill up the empty space inside the monolith bits so first I started greenstuffing them closed, but then decided that it would become too expensive. It was about the moment that I spent half a pack of greenstuff (15 euro's a pop) and didn't even fill half the thing. Arts and crafts store downtown came to my rescue though. Always nice to be confronted with how much my hobby resembles those of old ladies and preschool children.

 Not going to leave you without some finished project pics. This is another Dark Heresy character I played once and painted up a model for. He's pretty much finished now so I thought it'd be cool to post him here. 

Ok, so that's that already. I'll see if I can find something more discussion-worthy next time. Tonight I'm just gonna try and recuperate from a last night's Game of Thrones 'episode-that-turned-into-a-marathon' ..marathon.

Death to the False Emperor!


  1. Looks good.

    And re: craft store...

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