Monday, June 13, 2011

Back in Black (and Blue)

Jep, you're reading it right. Daan of War has restarted... again.
I'd rather not dwell on the motivations behind the deletion of the last one and the sudden decision to start anew, but instead focus on the stuff I have been doing during the last few months. Namely: Working on my Chaos Space Marine warband.

In an attempt to train my highlighting technique and improve my painting skills, those who have been following my old blog might remember that I'm in the process of repainting an entire 1700pts army of chaos space marines. The new colour scheme uses at least 4 times as many different pots of paints as the last one and looks a hell of a lot better if I may say so myself. Pics are later on in this post.

I've also been working on a name and background for the army, which is something they've never had before. I always like getting into the storytelling side of the hobby, but somehow it never really happened for this army and a couple of days ago (with some help from a /tg/ thread) I've come up with the following background:

9th Company of the Shadow Lords are all that is left of their chapter after their homeworld Tranquil had turned out to be a necron tomb world. Their captain, Darius Vyle, has called out for help to nearby space marine chapters many times since the necrons had emerged but recieved no replies. For a while now, Vyle has been haunted by the whispers of Tzeentch and, at his most desperate moment, agrees to a pact that will eliminate the necron threat from Tranquil and save what is left of his beloved company. In return he vows to serve the Changer of Ways as a daemon prince for the rest of eternity and hunt down the imperial scum that had refused to come to their aid.

Henceforth all imperial worlds in the sector that surrounds the now deserted ruins of a planet once named Tranquil, are being haunted and corrupted by the highly dangerous chaos warband that call themselves "The Shades of Tranquil".

So, with that saucy bit of fluff out of the way, here are some pics of what I've completed so far:

The first squad. These guys are also probably the "horniest" members of my warband. *snort* Geddit?

The second squad. Although they're not as "horny" as the first squad (I kill myself), they make up for it by whipping their hair around in a synchronised manner. Either that or they're always standing in a really windy area. I guess the great Tzeentch blesses his children in mysterious ways.

My first finished rhino transport. I'm currently working on the second one. For those who remember my previous blog, I was having trouble with getting the blue tone right without having to wash the entire vehicle. Turns out the solution is Chaos Black and water, at a 1:3 ratio.

My termicide unit. Looking pimp as fuck. It's a total shame that they're really a suicide unit.

Darius Vyle, the Shadowcursed. Lord of the Shades of Tranquil. Giving you the finger.

Check out the mad conversion skills on these oblits baby! Daan of War once again proves that anything can look decent as long as you keep slapping on random bitz and greenstuff.

And finally, an inquisitorial henchmen I've been working on. I used him as an adept for a Dark Heresy campaign once but only recently finished painting him. His last in-game moment was ramming a truck into a line of heavy bolter emplacements. It was pretty epic.

And that concludes the first post of this newly reinstated wargaming blawg.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Your paintjobs are amazing man
    You need to stick at it. You've got alot of talent.