Friday, May 12, 2017

Final Post

So, this is going to be my final post for this blog.

Almost since I've started it I've had trouble updating the blog regularly. Sometimes periods of almost 6 months pass by with nothing happening and even when I do update, I feel like I'm taking precious time away from the hobby. Therefore I've decided to leave the blog up as a reminder of all the awesome times I've had over the years, but from now on I'll spend less time documenting my projects and more time actually working on them. I'm sure my enjoyment won't be lessened significantly.

So that's it. Thanks a lot to anyone who's still reading and I hope you've been entertained by my (mis)adventures through the years. If I ever get the itch to start a blog again I'll make sure to either revive this one or post a link to the new one here.

For now though: Farewell and here's a picture of my nearly finished Raven Guard:

So close.
Victory or Death!